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Cine Film & Video Tapes to DVD


Convert your old film and tapes to DVD


Video Tapes to DVD

The Magnetic media used to store videos is prone to deterioration and will degrade with age. These tapes do not stand the test of time.


We transfer your footage to DVD’s which is much better to store your footage for a long time with virtually no loss of quality if they are well looked after.


Most formats can be converted:

VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, 8mm, Digital 8, Micro MV and MiniDV, but we are able to do many other less common formats.


The Process

All video tapes are transferred to DVD using a professional system, and all tapes are converted into MPEG2 format, We can put a maximum of 2 hours onto a DVD. Prices usually are for one tape to one DVD, and in most cases if the footage is les than 2 hours we can put in another tape. We charge £5.00 for a tape change. For eg. If you have 2, 1 hour mini DV tapes, we can put them both onto the same DVD.

All video tapes are transferred to DVD in store, so your precious memories cannot get lost in the post.


All DVD’s are –R format for maximum compatibility.


Will I get my old video tapes back?

Yes, your tapes will be returned. 


How much does it cost?

Call, or come and see us to discuss your needs and we can prepare a quote for you. Prices from £20 inc vat

Additional copy DVD's are available for just £10.00 each



How long does it take?

5 days, at peak periods it may take a little longer. We also offer an express service, please enquire.


Need assistance?


Tel: 0207 624 1329

Tel: 0208 743 3788 

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