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Scanning And Archiving


Why scan? Your family memories are irreplaceable. Preserving them digitally will allow you to enjoy them in slideshows or digital photo albums, organize them on your computer, and easily share them with your family and friends


Scanning your Negatives

If you have old negatives either in Black and white or in Colour, then this service may be the one for you. Negatives if stored incorrectly will deteriorate over time. The only way to preserve those precious memories is to use our Scanning your negatives Service, to digitise them and convert then to either Cd’s or DVD’s , thus protecting them for future generations.


What types of Negatives do you scan? 

We can scan all types of Colour and Black and White film including,




110 and 126 Film

All Medium formats including


120, 127, 116 ,122, 128 and other formats


How does this service work?

Just bring in your negatives or post them to us. Once received, all negatives are individually cleaned and scanned on the latest High Speed digital scanners and saved to CD’s or DVD’s.


How much does this service cost?

The prices that we charge may depend if you have films in uncut rolls or in strips. For 35mm films, to CD, prices start form only £4.99 for a roll of 24 . For cut strips, and all other formats prices can be obtained by emailing us at uk.


Scanning your Slides

As with all types of Colur film, slides deteriorate with age. Get them scanned and digitised, onto Cd’s or DVD’s so that you can protect them forever and for generations to come!


Once digitised on Disc you can either print them or share with family and friends all over the world by email.


We can scan all types of slides including


Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Agfachrome, Perutz, GAF, Fujichrome, Pacific, Ansco and more.


If you give them to us in the slide trays or carousels, we will scan them in that order for you. If they are in boxes, just number them, and we will follow your instructions.


ALL slides are cleaned and then checked and corrected (where possible) for colour and density before we scan them. All slides are individually cleaned, scanned and also colour corrected.


Slides can be scanned at different resolutions, depending on what you want to do with the files. 



Here are the resolution details for 35mm slides.

Standard Scans 1024x1545 pixels, which will generate a 4.5mb file

High Resolution Scans 2048x3072 pixels, which will generate a 17mb file

Ultra Resolution Scans 4492x6774 pixels, which will generate an 80mb file


We can also scan 110, 126, 127, Agfa Rapid, X Pan and medium format slides and most other old or unusual formats and film.


How long does it take?

Our usual service time is between 3-7 Days. Larger orders may take longer.


How much does it cost?

The price of scanning varies on the quantity of slides and formats.


For 35mm mounted slides we charge the following:

1-20 slides

£2.99 each

21-50 slides

£1.99 each

50 + slides

£0.99 each


We offer bulk discounts on larger quantities. For other formats and prices, please email us at


Scanning your Prints

We can scan all your old photos to CD or DVD so that you can view them on your computer or share them with your family and friends all over the world., thus preserving them for generations to come!


This is also sometimes referred to as Shoebox scanning. The idea is that you fill a shoebox full of any old photos that you may have, bring it in to us and we will scan them all and put them on to a CD or DVD.


Anybody who has tried to scan photos at home, will recognise t hat this can be a very tedious job that can take ages to do. Here at Quality photos we have High speed scanners that can do the same in a fraction of that time.


What resolution are the prints scanned?

All prints are scanned at 300 dpi at their original size.


How long does it take?

Typically the service takes 3 days. Sometimes for very large orders additional time may be required.


How much does it cost

Up to 150 photos will cost only £39.99


Further bulk discounts on larger quantities can be arranged. For any further information email us at






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