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Photo Restoration


Bring old photos back to life!


We restore old and damaged photos to new .What’s more, we also colourise old black and white and convert them into colour.


Repair, restore and enhance your damaged photos and bring your memories back to life.

Our artists bring out the story behind every photo. Photographs record the memories of precious moments and loved ones, but with time they become faded or may even be damaged. Quality Photos can help bring those precious pictures back to life again.


We perform services like colour correction, red-eye removal, appearance improvement, crack repair, mould removal, and we also replace missing image areas. Our highly trained artists, many of whom are photographers themselves, take great pride in bringing not only the photos back to life, but enhancing the emotion behind each photo. How does this service work?


This is a highly skilled job and requires trained artists to transfer old and damaged photos to their full and formal glory.


We can restore any photo no matter how badly damaged they are.


How does this service work?

Just bring in your old photos. We will then scan your photos, so that you leave your valuable photos behind if you don’t want to. Then specific instructions are taken, for instance, as to the colour of the eyes, or hair colour. An 8x10 print is automatically included in the price, with an option to get the restored picture on CD.


Why not get your restored picture as large poster prints, canvas prints, or even photo gifts?


How much does it cost?

We charge a fixed fee regardless of how badly damaged the photo is. Furthermore, get any photo restored and we will convert it into colour for Free!!


Available in 4 Restoration styles: Restore to Black & White, Restore to Sepia, Restore to Original Color, and Full Restoration and Color.


Restore full colorization


Restore to black and white


Restore to original color


Restore to sepia


For more information contact us at


Photo makeover and retouching

We offer a whole host of photo makeover and retouching services. This includes :

  • Removing glasses and braces
  • Slenderise
  • Face lift
  • Enhance body parts
  • Removing freckles
  • Tattoo removal
  • Deleting or adding objects or persons
  • Opening closed eyes
  • Acne and skin blemish removal
  • Teeth and eye whitening
  • Smooth complexion


How long does the service take?

This service takes seven days. In certain circumstances we may be able to offer an express service please email us at


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Enhance your photos with a range of great retouching services.

Braces, red eye, and unwanted blemishes are no longer a threat to a great photo. With our new Touch Up service we can remove all those small imperfections and create a photo that you and everyone else will be proud of.


We offer a wide range of Touch Up options at a very affordable price. Choose what option works best for your photo and we'll take care of the rest.





Remove Glasses glare


Acne + Skin blemish removal


Remove fly-away hair


Remove Braces


Correct image Exposure


Teeth and eye whitening


Smooth Complexion 

Kodak Express

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